Albania plans to build 443 hydropower stations


Prime Minister Sali Berisha has announced that the government intends to build 443 hydropower stations. The comments were made at an energy conference in Tirana.

The full text of the press release as published on the Council of Ministers website is as follows:

“Prime Minister Sali Berisha addressed today the conference under topic, “Energy Market and Infrastructure toward Integration: 3-rd EU Energy Package-Implications for the Albanian Energy Sector Development”, organized by the Energy Regulatory Entity in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy and AIDA at the financial support of the Norwegian embassy in Prishtina.

Attending the event was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy Edmond Haxhinasto, the EU ambassador to Albania Ettore Sequi, ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Prishtina Jan Braathu, managers of the energy entities of the country as well as representatives and investors of the energy sector.

The prime minister thanked the organizers of this important conference dedicated to one of the most fundamental issues of the energy market, liberalization and its further adjustment as well as adaptation of the Albanian market with the recent guidelines, package 3 of the biggest energy market of the world, i.e. the European market.

Saying that the ruling majority considers energy the top priority, the prime minister highlighted that the recent investments in all the fields of this sector exceed 2 billion Euros. “Albania has a project of getting transformed into a regional energy superpower. In accordance with this project there is a feverish race run in the country in the field of renewable energy and building of the hydropower plants. The country must build because it has a potential to build about 443 hydropower stations”, said the prime minister.

The prime minister said that in the most major interest of the energy market, Albania pursues with determination the road of diversification of this market, i.e. the use of other major sources for generation of electricity. While referring to the recent investment in pit research Shpiragu 2, the prime minister emphasized that the country has energy potential and perspective that must be placed on more liberal basis of a decentralized and adjusted market.

The 3-rd EU energy package targets above all guarantee of a fair competition as the most fundamental condition for the market freedom, but consumer protection remains another major goal of this package and these approaches, said the prime minister adding that “The best long-term consumer protection is the maximum liberalization of the market and fostering of free competition”.

The prime minister said that the government is determined to adopt every regulation so that the energy market in Albania creates more sustainable conditions of a fair competition so that to become a segment of the European market and perhaps the most open segment.”

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