Another massacre whilst Russia sends more arms


More than 200 people are reported to have been killed in the latest massacre to hit Syria’s civilian population. UN Observers and other independent groups said yesterday that the village, Treimsa in the central province of Hama, was attacked by helicopters and mechanised vehicles including tanks.

We have been unable to access the Syrian Arab New Agency (SANA) website to obtain the Syrian government’s version of events. However Google is displaying two headlines accredited to SANA which state; “Terrorists overrun al-Treismah and perpetrate massacre” and “The armed forces carry out ‘Qualitative Operation’ in al-Treismah”.

The massacre has been condemned by the world community.

In another story, the merchant ship Alaed, which was turned back from delivering helicopters to the Syrian regime several weeks ago, has set sail once more. Western analysts are suggesting that it contains its original cargo of helicopters and Russian experts are saying it does not. Nevertheless, the Russians have sent warships to the Mediterranean, probably with the aim of stopping off at Tartus the Russian naval base in Syria and with some suggestions that they are there to protect merchant shipping making deliveries to Syria.

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