Assad says elections in February


President Bashar al-Assad has stated that there will be elections in February 2012 for the People’s Assembly. In a statement issued by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) he said;

“There have been several opinions ranging between 4 and 8 months after the issuance of the executive instructions of the elections law. The purpose is to allow a chance for the parties to be formed and be able to compete…the time expected for conducting the People’s Assembly elections is by next February.”

When asked about the role of the Western governments and their complaints that the reforms didn’t go far enough he said;

“Reform for the colonialist Western countries is to give them all they want and to abandon all your rights…I simply say this will be their unattainable dream whether under these circumstances or under any other circumstances.”

And on the response to calls for him to step down he said;

“this cannot be said to a president who is not interested in the position…a president who was not brought by the US or the West, but by the Syrian people…this cannot be said to a people who refuse any high commissioner…a people who stand by resistance as one of their principles…this can be said to a president who was made in America and to a submissive people who accept orders from the outside.”

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