Budget day in Canada


Today, Tuesday 22nd March 2011 is the day that the Conservative government will present its annual budget to parliament. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has a good story to tell and most Canadians are happy with the success of the economy in the past couple of years.

This leaves the opposition parties with a problem. If they vote against the budget they will most likely bring the minority government down and force an election which all of the opinion polls suggest the Canadian public don’t want.

The more likely route to forcing an election is the contempt of parliament debate which could trigger a vote of no confidence. Again, though, if the opposition parties deliberately bring the government down they may not find a public.

The final problem is that the Conservatives are doing well in the opinion polls with one suggesting support as high as 39%. If this is the case then the much discussed general election could easily benefit the Conservative government.

In short, today and this week will decide if Canada is going to trigger a general election for early May or not.

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