United Arab Emirates

Cabinet agrees healthcare package


A United Arab Emirates (UAE) Cabinet retreat has come up with a package of healthcare changes they intend to implement to create a healthier society. The UAE suffers from high levels of obesity.

According to UAEInteract the following initiatives have been agreed:

• Launching an e-healthcare programme to deliver primary health care services to remote regions, especially to elderly people;

• Launching a system to evaluate hospitals and health clinics and measure customer satisfaction and success of surgeries;

• Approving of a comprehensive regular screening programme for every citizen so as to enhance prevention;

• Preparing a professional organisational structure for the government health sector and developing career path plans to make the profession more attractive;

• Standardising benchmarks of accrediting doctors and healthcare professionals across the State;

• Introducing unified national standards for the quality of health services;

• Launching an early cancer detection programme;

• Establishing a national data base for medical records to allow easy referral of patients between government and private hospitals;

• Approving a package of measures to address obesity and promote healthy lifestyles (limiting the size of fizzy drinks, imposing controls on advertisement of unhealthy foods and showing calories of food items etc.)

• Setting a strategy for establishing R’&’D centres in partnership with academic institutions;

• Establishing a national cancer registry;

• Launching the UAE Board to become a reference for all medical specialisations;

• Setting up a world-class technical centre for continuous training of health professionals;

• Launching a stimulus programme to attract more Emiratis to the nursing profession; *Implementing an integrated programme to promote public awareness about healthy lifestyle in order to increase prevention;

• Introducing and implementing common standards for healthy food in all government and private schools.

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