Cabinet approves tranche of infrastructure projects


The Council of Ministers (Cabinet) in Angola has passed a number of important measures which will bring water and electricity to a number of areas of the country. They are as follows:

• Construction Project of 152 water supply systems under the Water for All Programme, aimed at increasing the supply of drinking water to 640,000 people in the provinces of Lunda Norte, Uige, Kwanza Sul, Moxico and Zaire
• A draft Development Plan of Action for Energy Security Strategy of the country which wuill outline the main strategic guidelines for the electrical sub-sector and oil and natural gas sub-sectors
• A contract to improve electricity connections in Cabinda Province; the Construction of Supply Networks of Low and Medium Powers
• A project for the construction of the Chiumbe-Dala Hydroelectric Dam, energy transport line Dala-Luena and Luena substation to provide hydroelectric power regularly to Luena, and subsequently Saurimo and Dundo
• A draft Agreement for Technical Assistance and Supervision of Deviation Works of River of Hydroelectric exploitation of Lauca around the Kwanza River.

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