CFK takes thirty days off for illness


The presidential secretariat has confirmed that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will take a thirty day recuperation period after being diagnosed with chronic subdural haematoma. The secretariat also confirmed that Vice President Amado Boudou will take the Cabinet for the period concerned.

The timing of the president’s illness couldn’t have been worse as the country enters into crucial national and local elections. After a series of strikes and protests the government party, the Front for Victory (FpV) has been falling in the polls and the campaign was to have been a whirlwind of rallies and meetings with the president at centre-stage.

The election to take place on 27th October will elect half the members of the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, and a third of the members of the upper house or Senate. It had been hoped by her supporters that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s party would obtain a two thirds majority in the two houses and allow the constitution to be changed to ensure that she could stand for a third time.

However, the party did less well than expected in the open primary elections on 11th August and the opposition appear to have gathered momentum since then. Sergio Massa, the mayor of the city of Tigre on the outskirts of Buenos Aires has become the standard for the opposition. He established his Renewal Front in June this year and according to a poll by Raul Aragon & Associates for Infobae, the Renewal Front has a voting intention of 44.9% in the capital which is the main campaigning ground. Martin Insaurralde, the government candidate, has around 31.8% of the vote.

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