Clashes in Tahrir


Muslim Brotherhood supporters of President Mohamed Morsy clashed with anti-Morsy protesters in Tahrir Square yesterday. The clashes which resulted in a number of injuries descended into stone and Molotov cocktail throwing and open fighting in the side streets leading up to the square.

The clashes demonstrate the frustration and divisions between Egyptians. The anti-Morsy protesters were complaining about the lack of progress under the president despite his claims that his first hundred days had been a success. They also complained about the acquittal of defendants in the so called Battle of the Camels which took place in the square on 2nd February 2011.

Over the past few months the Muslim Brotherhood have tried to make Tahrir their rallying point and were clearly upset that an anti-president demonstration was taking place in the square. The violence started after Muslim Brotherhood supporters tore down a stage which had been built by the anti-Morsy demonstrators.

Eventually Muslim Brotherhood supporters were driven out of the square, or withdrew from the square, depending upon your point of view.

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