Coalition government collapses


The Ata-Meken Party and Ar Namys withdrew from the four party coalition yesterday complaining that Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov had failed to meet his promises.

Prime Minister Babanov came into office in December 2011 after Almazbek Atambayev was elected president. Since then the parties claim that the economy has deteriorated and the prime minister has failed to carry out a single reform. The two departing parties have called for the prime minister’s resignation.

Prior to their departure the four party coalition consisted of the president’s Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan (SDPK) with 26 seats, the prime minister’s Respublica with 23 seats, Ar Namys with 25 seats and Ata-Meken with 18 seats in the 120 seat parliament. The remaining two coalition parties do not carry a majority of seats and the only remaining party in the parliament, the largest party, Ata-Zhurt with 28 seats is not a likely coalition partner although in a statement after the collapse they said that they were prepared to talk.

It is unclear as to what will happen next. Even if the prime minister resigns the two parties are not pledged to return to the coalition and without them the government cannot continue. There was talk of a no-confidence vote in October which could now be brought forward.

Meanwhile, according to the constitution, the president as head of state will ask one of the five parliamentary parties to form a coalition within the next three days. The party then has 15 working days to form a coalition and propose a candidate for the position of Prime Minister.

The last general election was held in October 2010 and would not normally be up for election until 2015.

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