Coalition talks about to start


Following the general election on 17th April, National Coalition Party leader and Finance Minister, Jyrki Katainen, has sent other party leaders seven questions to determine their stance on a possible coalition.

The seven questions include whether they are willing to take part in a National Coalition led government, their stance on the Portugal bailout, public finances, taxes, spending cuts, and measures to keep people working longer than before.

Timo Soini, the True Finns leader, part answered the bailout question in a YLE interview when he said that he was prepared to negotiate over a Portugal bailout; this is a dramatic change on his stance during the election campaign.

Timo Soini also had other problems this last week when he was forced to reprimand one of his new MPs for using offensive and racist language in a newspaper interview. A small demonstration of around 750 people demonstrated against the True Finns over the weekend, saying that they wanted a tolerant and multicultural Finland and accused the True Finns leader of being a fascist.

Formal talks on forming a coalition government are expected to start on 9th May.

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