Coalition talks break down


Talks to form a coalition government have broken down with the Social Democratic Party and Left Alliance walking out of the talks over tax policy.

Jyrki Katainen of the centre right National Coalition Party (KOK) has been trying to form a government since the general election on 17th April.

At first he had hoped to bring in the third largest party and major winners of the election, the True Finns (PS), but they walked out of talks over the bailout of Portugal and EU bailouts in general. Their leader Timo Soini has said that he is willing to talk so long as there are no more bailouts agreed.

Then talks were entered into with the second largest party, the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP), but they and the Left Alliance, both centre left parties could not agree with KOK on areas around the economic management of the country.

That leaves the Centre Party (KESK). They were the largest party prior to the general election and were in coalition with the National Coalition, but they lost 16 seats and were reduced to the fourth largest party in parliament. They had said that they did not want to go into government and would remain in opposition; Jyrki Katainen will have to hope that they are willing to change their minds. Even then it will require all the other smaller parties coming in to the coalition to gain an overall majority.

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