Corpse of boy becomes protest rallying point


A video of the wounds of a 13 year old boy has become the new rallying point for protests in Syria. The boy, Hamza Ali al-Khateeb was arrested on 29th April and his mutilated body returned to his family this week. The video shows, in graphic detail, cuts, burns, signs of gunshot injuries and body parts that have been removed.

The family of the boy were told not to speak to anyone about his death, the release of the video has prompted the arrest of his father.

Rather than frightening people into submission, if that was its aim, the news of the boy’s death has fanned more demonstrations. There were signs that residents are fighting back against the armed forces in at least one city, Homs, although these were described as individual actions and not organised.

Meanwhile, the Syrian official news agency, SANA has published details of a new Election Law which includes information on the election process for members of the People’s Assembly and local councils.

The law puts control of the electoral commission in the hands of the judiciary, allows for 50% of the People’s Assembly to be ‘workers and peasants’ and allows for candidates to display posters in designated areas as well as free public meetings provided the Ministry of Interior is notified 24 hours beforehand.

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