Courts rules half of voters must vote in referendum


The Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) has ruled that at least half of the eligible voters in the impeachment referendum of the president to take place on 29th July must vote for the vote to be valid.

The ruling has given the president, Traian Băsescu, a narrow chance of avoiding impeachment. He previously faced impeachment in 2007 and at the time voter turnout was 44.45%. He won the vote at that time.

Last week the Romanian parliament voted to impeach the president and changed the rules for a referendum. Previously half of all eligible voters had to support a referendum for it to be carried, but last week the parliament changed the rules to make it half of all those who voted, an easier target to reach. The ruling by the Constitutional Court yesterday has raised the hurdle once more, requiring around 9 million Romanians to vote in order for the referendum to be valid with the vote taking place in the middle of Romania’s holidays.

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