Crisis deepens


The crisis in Egypt deepened yesterday as thousands more protesters joined an already large group in Tahrir Square. At least 23 people are known to have died in clashes with police and the military on the fringes of the square; and there is now evidence that live ammunition has been used against the protesters.

Last night the interim Cabinet submitted its resignation to the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and at least two ministers have said that they have done so in protest against the violence. Reports this morning suggest that the SCAF may have accepted the resignations.

Late last night the military issued a request for emergency talks with the political parties to try and find a resolution to the crisis. From the chants in Tahrir Square the only resolution is likely to be the withdrawal of the SCAF and the resignation of its head, Field Marshal Tantawi.

The protesters have called for a ‘million man march’ today and most political parties have agreed to join. Only the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party have said that they will not, because they fear any delays to the elections which are due to take place next Monday.

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