Dilma loses three more parties from her coalition as impeachment looms


President Dilma Rousseff found life a whole lot tougher when three centre-right parties departed her coalition government on Tuesday and Wednesday and recommended that their members vote in favour of impeaching the president.

The impeachment vote will take place in the lower house of Chamber of Deputies on Sunday and the opposition require 342 votes out of 513 for the impeachment vote to be taken to the upper house of Senate in early May.

The three parties leaving the government yesterday were:

Brazilian Republican Party (PRB) has 22 seats in the Chamber of Deputies

Progressive Party (PP) has 47 seats

Social Democratic Party (PSD) has 36 seats

The national newspaper Folha de S Paulo has been keeping track of where the vote is likely to go on Sunday. They count 308 votes in favour of impeachment, 30 undecided, 27 not declared and 117 against with the remaining members not answering.

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