Election delay, police officers go


The Egyptian Gazette is reporting this morning that a senior army source has said the election could take place in November and not September as originally planned. The reason given was that candidate registration would start in September which in turn would push back the election date.

A number of smaller and newer parties have been asking for a delay to give themselves time to organise and this will be seen as a positive move by them. If anything the move is less helpful to the Muslim Brotherhood who are already very well organised.

In the same issue of the Egyptian Gazette they are also reporting that some 650 senior police officers will ‘end their service’. Although other newspapers are reporting that they have been fired, the Interior Ministry statement was ambiguous on this point. There are said to be 505 ‘generals’ retiring and a further 160 senior officers.

This move will be seen as very positive by the Tahrir Square protesters who have been growing in number in the past week as frustration increased over government inaction.

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