Ethiopia release 3.6 million hectares for agricultural investment


The Ethiopian government is to allocate 3.6 million hectares of arable land for development the Agency representative of the newly formed Agriculture, Investment and Land Administration Agency, Asres Argaw, said yesterday.

The Agricultural Investment Land Administration Agency was launched in September 2013 under the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 283/2013 to facilitate all agricultural investment, land administration and transferring processes.

The formal release of the increased allocation of land as published on the Ethiopian news Agency website is as follows:

Nation allocates 3.6 mln ha. land for investment in agriculture

Jimma December 18/2013 The Agriculture, Investment and Land Administration Agency said 3.6 million hectares arable land is being provided among investors engaged in agriculture sector.

Speaking on a training provided for investors engaged in coffee plantation in Oromia and South Ethiopia Peoples’ States, Agency Representative Asres Argaw said 470,000 hectares land has so far provided for investors. He said Ethiopian nationals and foreign investors are cultivating cotton, palm trees and sugar cane on the stated land.

The government is striving to increase participation of the private sector in the agriculture sector, he said, adding, coffee plantation is among the priorities. Asres said the conducive investment policies and strategies as well as incentives attracted more investors to engage in coffee plantation. Without exerting maximum efforts and utilization of modern technologies, the country cannot achieve its goal of improving coffee production and productivity.

The newly established Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture is striving to provide integrated support for investors in a bid to improve their land utilization and production. The Agency is also providing training to investors engaged in coffee plantation on technologies that improve production and quality of coffee. This training, being provided for investors engaged in coffee plantation in Jimma, Kefa, Sheka and Bench Maji zones, is focused on preparation of coffee seedling, transplantation, care and production process, he said.

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