Palestinian Territories

Fatah and Hamas do deal


Fatah and Hamas have agreed to join together in a unity government in a deal that was brokered by the Egyptians. Currently Fatah controls the West Bank and Hamas controls Gaza.

The last time a unity government was formed was in 2007, but this broke down when fighting started between the security forces of the two groups. Hamas subsequently took control of Gaza. The two sides have said that the security forces will be unified and restructured.

The deal requires that the two prime ministers, Salem Fayed of Fatah in the West Bank and Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas in Gaza will stand down and a single caretaker government will exist until fresh elections are held next year. President Mahmoud Abbas will remain in place.

Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has rejected the deal whilst Hama has a role in the unity government. Hamas is categorised as a terrorist group in Israel, the United States and European Union.

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