South Sudan

Finance Minister submits revised 2014 budget to parliament


The Sudan Tribune reports that South Sudan’s Finance Minister Agrey Tisa Sabuni has presented a revised draft of the country’s 2013/2014 budget to parliament.

The budget was originally submitted in August but had to be revised after President Salva Kiir reduced the Cabinet from 31 to 21 ministries in his August reshuffle.

The report states that “The 2013/14 budget consists of an overall resource envelope of SSP 17.3 billion, financed through a combination of oil revenue, non-oil revenue, loans and budget support from donors.”

The minister said that “If oil production returns to full capacity, income from oil will reach up to SSP 10.6 billion, and a stronger economy will help raise SSP 1.5 billion in non-oil revenue.”

The Sudan tribune outlines key spending projects which include:

  • Construction of large and small-scale infrastructure is budgeted at SSP 741 million with more than 52.6% (or SSP 390 Million) allocated to maintenance of roads and bridges.
  • SSP 291 million is set aside for National Assembly’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF). This is the funding to each Member of Parliament for development projects in her/his constituency.
  • SSP 130 million is earmarked for agriculture and creation of jobs.
  • SSP 580 million is allocated for what Minister Sabuni calls “other priorities” including preparations for census, the elections and constitutional review.

The parliament now has 45 days to approve the budget.

You can read the full article published in the Sudan Tribune.

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