Gaddafi agrees to AU plan


African Union (AU) leaders who visited Tripoli this weekend say that Muammar Gaddafi has agreed to a roadmap. The leaders move on to Benghazi this morning to present the plan to the rebels’ Transitional National Council.

The roadmap includes an immediate ceasefire, delivery of humanitarian aid, protection of foreigners in Libya and a ‘dialogue’ between the two sides with a view to ‘adopting and implementing the political reforms necessary for the elimination of the causes of the current crisis’.

The rebels have made it clear that Gaddafi must go. It is questionable how far this initiative will go because many see the Gaddafi regime too closely associated with the AU. Gaddafi was Chairman of the AU and pays the membership subscription for a number of the smaller countries.

The rebels will be suspicious of the AU motives and have expressed surprise that the delegation to Tripoli included South African President Jacob Zuma, but he will not be going to Benghazi to meet the rebel leaders.

The AU leaders have asked NATO to stop its operations to give a ceasefire a chance. Over the weekend rebels, with the help of NATO strikes, appear to have retaken Ajdabiya.

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