Ivory Coast

Gbagbo still holds on


Although his forces have surrendered and he is said to be holed up in the basement of the Presidential palace, Laurent Gbagbo the internationally recognised loser in the November 2010 election still refuses to give up his Presidency.

The former president is said to be prepared to talk to his opponent Alassane Ouattara but not to accept that he won the presidential election. In the second round Gbagbo took 45.9% of the vote to Ouattara’s 54.1%.

Over the past week forces loyal to Ouattara have swept down from the north of Cote d’Ivoire and captured the country, in the final stages, with help from French and UN forces.

Bearing in mind the closeness of the presidential vote, Gbagbo demands huge support in the country and unless a political solution can be found it will be hard to re-unite the country around one president.

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