Gillard and Labor rise in the polls


Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Labor Party are making a comeback in the polls. After months of poor results the party and prime minister appear to be making a recovery according to a Newspoll opinion poll published in The Australian newspaper.

The poll puts Labor on 36% this month, up from 33% last month but still down on their 2010 result of 38%. The Liberal/National Coalition led by Tony Abbott is on 41%, down from 46% last month and their 2010 figure of 43.6%.

In the two party preferred ratings, both parties are neck and neck on 50% each. That puts Labor up from last month’s figure of 45% and the coalition drops by 5% from 55%.

Gillard has improved her satisfaction rating as well; this month 36% are satisfied with her performance, up from 31% but with 52% still dissatisfied with her.

Tony Abbott has seen a reversal in his fortunes. Of those interviewed 60% are dissatisfied with his performance and only 30% are satisfied. When asked who would make the better prime minister 46% said Gillard (up from 39% last month) and 32% Abbott (down from 38% last month).

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