Gillard loses support


Australia’s prime minister, Julia Gillard appears to be losing support across a number of areas according to two recent Newspoll opinion polls published in The Australian newspaper.

Today the poll reports that 60% of those surveyed about the government plans to introduce pricing on carbon next year are against the idea, with 39% strongly opposed. Just 30% support the idea but not with any great conviction.

In a poll published yesterday, both the standing of the Labour Party and Gillard their leader shows a steady decline since January. When asked how they would vote if an election was held today, 33% said that they would vote Labour, down from 40% in January; and 40% said they would vote for Tony Abbott’s opposition coalition, up from 38% in January.

In the leadership ratings neither leader is getting good results. When asked who would make the better prime minister, 45% said Gillard, down from 53% in February, whilst Abbott has gone up 5% to 36% in the same period.

However, both leaders find that voters are generally dissatisfied with the way they are doing their job with Gillard on 49% dissatisfaction, up from 42% and Abbott on 48%, up from 44%. In the satisfaction ratings, Julia Gillard has fallen from 45% to 38% since the beginning of the year whilst Tony Abbott remains on 42% satisfaction rating.

Elsewhere in Australia, the New South Wales 55th Parliament convened today after the March elections where Labour lost control of the state. The coalition leader Barry O’Farrell will take the helm whilst Labour have a new caucus leader in John Robertson.

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