Government falls on Eurozone vote


The government of Prime Minister Iveta Radičová fell last night after a vote to ratify the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) was defeated. Radičová had earlier linked the vote to a confidence motion in the government.

The government needed 76 votes for the motion to be passed, they only managed 55 votes for, with 9 against and 60 abstentions. The junior coalition party, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) did not support the government with their leader, Richard Sulík saying “I’d rather be a pariah in Brussels than have to feel ashamed in front of my own children.”

The other three parties in the coalition government, the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (SDKU – DS) with 28 seats, Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) with 15 seats and Most – Hid (two voted against) with 14 seats supported the vote.

Parliament will remain in session and a second vote is expected later this week. In that vote the main opposition Direction – Social Democracy (SMER – SD) led by Robert Fico have indicated that they will support the motion now that the government has been brought down.

Fico has indicated that his party, the largest in the 150 seat Slovak National Council with 62 seats, would be willing to form another coalition government. Other options are for a minority government, but clearly not with Iveta Radičová at the helm if they want to pass the EFSF vote. Or they could call a general election which SMER – SD are most likely to win.

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