Government loses no confidence vote


The minority government of Borut Pahor fell yesterday after it lost a no confidence vote in the 90 seat Slovenian National Assembly by 36 to 51 votes.

Pahor’s government has had a difficult time since being elected on 21st September 2008. As well as suffering under the worldwide economic crisis, they have also had several scandals and in May and June of this year two of its coalition partners walked out of the government.

Pahor was only able to muster the 36 votes of his own party the Social Democrats (SD) and their remaining coalition partners, the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (LDS) plus one member from a former coalition party partner.

Those voting against the government were the main opposition Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), the Slovenian People’s Party (SLS) and the Slovenian National Party (SNS). Also voting against the government were former coalition partners, Zares – new politics (Zares) and the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS).

In accordance with the constitution the Prime Minister has to be replaced. The President will appoint a new prime minister who will then appoint a Cabinet to be approved by parliament. However, the consensus is that parliament will fail to do this within the 30 days required; if they don’t then a snap general election will be triggered.

The next scheduled general election was due in October 2012.

President Danilo Türk has cancelled his trip to the United Nations and will return to the country to try and bring order to the situation and appoint a new prime minister. Both business and trade union leaders expressed hope that a general election will bring some breakthrough in the current stalemate between parties.

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