Government struggles in opinion polls


Support for the Civic Platform (PO) led government has dropped dramatically since 2007 if two opinion polls published recently are to be believed.

The two polls from Homo Homini and CBOS Public opinion Research Centre show support for the Civic Platform to have fallen to around 38% of the vote. In the 2007 general election their share of the vote was 45.43%. In early 2011 support had dropped to 34% suggesting some slight improvement in recent months.

The coalition partners, the Polish People’s Party (PSL) remain at around 7%.

The main opposition Law and Justice Party (PiS) has dropped from 36.09% in 2007 to 27.7%. The other key opposition party Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) appears to be doing a little better, moving from 11.52% as a member of the Left and Democrats (LiD) alliance in 2007 to 15.3% today.

In other areas the government is showing mixed results. Of those questioned, 44% said that they were satisfied with Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s performance. But 51% said that the government is unlikely to improve the economy.

When asked about which politician they most trusted, 65% said President Bronislaw Komorowski (PO). In second place come Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Foreign Minister Radislaw Sikorski with 51%.

The opposition leader, Grzegorz Napieralski, of the SLD comes next with 47% and then Health Minister Ewa Kopacz on 40%.

In another poll 56% of respondents admitted that they supported the Civic Platform because they didn’t want the PiS to get back in following the 2005 – 2007 period they were in office. The latest poll suggests, however, that the government is losing some of its shine.

Elections are due later this year.

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