Czech Republic

Government survives


The Czech government led by Prime Minister Petr Nečas and the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) survived a no-confidence motion yesterday.

The motion brought by the opposition was defeated by 105 votes to 93 votes with two members absent in the 200 seat Chamber of Deputies.

Nečas will continue to lead the coalition which consists of his party, the Top )( and a splinter group of the Public Affairs (VV).

The Czech government has been running an austerity programme which has alienated the popular vote with the unions bringing up to 100,000 people on to the streets two weeks ago. The government has vowed to continue to reduce the budget deficit and the coalition parties know that to hold an election at the present time would be electoral suicide for them. The last election was held in 2010 and the next election is due to be held in 2014, although Nečas and his government will continue to hold a slim majority in parliament which could easily disappear at some point.

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