Greens pull out of coalition government


Yesterday the six members of the Irish Green Party pulled out of the Fiánna Fail led coalition government leaving them with a minority government. They said that indecision and lack of trust were the reasons.

Meanwhile Fine Gael and Labour have said that they will help speed the Finance Bill through Parliament provided the general election is called before the announced 11th March date. The Finance Bill is required to secure the IMF and EU financial support following Ireland’s economic collapse last year. If the Finance Bill is not passed before an election is called then there are concerns about the impact this will have on confidence in Ireland by international investors.

It is dubious as to whether the Finance Bill can be fast tracked in the way Fine Gael and Labour want. However they have made it clear that if the election date isn’t brought forward then they will bring a motion of no confidence against the government, which the minority government is sure to lose.

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