Humala gets 70% approval rating


A poll published on Sunday by the pollsters Ipsos Apoyo in the newspaper El Comercio gives newly elected president Ollanta Humala a 70% approval rating. Although he doesn’t take office until 28th July, 78% of those interviewed said that they expected his government to be good or average. This is in stark contrast to the worries expressed during the election campaign which has been running throughout most of the first part of 2011.

Humala, who lost the 2006 presidential election had previously allied himself to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, but in this election worked hard to distance himself from his former friend.

Of those interviewed, 61% expressed the hope that Humala would model his government on that of ex-Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and only 11% wanted to see a Chavez style government.

The top issues mentioned for the Humala government to resolve were corruption, public safety, drug trafficking and terrorism.

This week Ollanta Humala goes on the second of his trips to visit neighbouring South American countries. He will visit Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and, significantly, his final visit will be to Venezuela.

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