Janša gets PM job


Janez Janša, the leader of the Slovenia Democratic Party (SDS) was elected Prime Minister on Saturday, breaking a deadlock in parliament since the 4th December 2011 general election.

Last week Janša was able to put together a coalition of five parties in order to form a government. The five parties are the SDS with 26 seats, Slovenia People’s Party (SLS) with five seats, New Slovenia – Christian People’s Party (Nsi) with five seats, the Civic List of Gregor Virant (LGV) with eight seats and the Democratic Party of Slovenian Pensioners (DeSUS) with six seats. This gives the new coalition 50 of the 90 seats in the National Assembly.

Previously President Danilo Turk had proposed Zoran Janković, the leader of Positive Slovenia as prime minister to the parliament. Positive Slovenia is the largest party in the National Assembly with 28 seats, but Janković was unable to forge a coalition.

Janez Janša won the vote on Saturday by 51 votes for and 39 against. He has promised to forge a Cabinet by 10th February.

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