Kadima leaves government


The largest party in the Israeli parliament or Knesset, Kadima with 28 seats, decided to withdraw from the Likud led government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday.

Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz took the party into a coalition with the Likud led government in May this year. Part of the agreement was to change the way in which recruitment to the armed forces was conducted. Currently around 60,000 ultra-Orthodox students are exempted from conscription, something Kadima wanted changed.

Little progress appeared to have been made in the intervening period and in the withdrawal letter Mofaz accused Netanyahu of giving in to ultra-Orthodox elements in his government.

Netanyahu had announced an election in May for 4th September but withdrew that with the announcement that Kadima was joining the government. Although his government still enjoys a majority in the Knesset with 66 of the 120 seats the question will remain as to whether he will call an early election once more. Scheduled elections are due in late 2013.

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