Kofi Annan resigns


Kofi Annan, the United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy, announced yesterday that he was resigning from the position when his term of office was completed. Mr Annan also announced that he believed President Bashar al-Assad should ‘leave office’.

Although Mr Annan was able to gain some initial momentum for his ‘Six Point Plan’ it was clear that the Syrian government and Syrian rebels had no intention of complying. The inability of the international community, especially in the UN Security Council where Russia and china vetoed all efforts to put pressure on Syria were named as reasons for his departure. He also described ‘finger pointing and name calling’ in the Security Council as a further problem.

Meanwhile, on the ground in Syria, fighting erupted once more in Damascus and the fighting in Aleppo intensified. The rebels continue to fight in Idlib, Hama and Homs and have started to use captured equipment, especially tanks against the Syrian army. In one incident yesterday a military airfield was attacked using a tank. Some analysts are suggesting that the Syrian military is also suffering from maintenance problems, especially of their Russian built attack helicopters.

In other news, Russian President Putin met with British Prime Minister David Cameron in London and discussed the situation in Syria. The conclusion of the talks was that they and their Foreign Ministers would continue to talk to try to narrow their differences.

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