Maduro renews State of Emergency for further 60 days


President Nicolás Maduro has refreshed an earlier State of Emergency and Economic Emergency.

The formal notice can be found here.

The decree states that the emergency will last for at least 60 days and seeks to ensure that the private sector ‘participate in the fundamental production processes’. The decree also states that the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) will get involved in the distribution of food and medicine and the ‘supply of essential goods resources’. The decree, rather ominously, talks about building the ‘foundations of a new economic model for the country’.

In other statements the president made it clear that the armed forces would be expanding their role in civil affairs and that planned military exercises would take place.

The move came after the opposition, which now controls the National Assembly, had assembled more than 1.8 million signatures calling for a recall referendum against the president. Predictably the electoral commission has refused the calls saying that the petition was flawed, despite being more than four times the number of signatures required.

Inflation in Venezuela is now running at more than 600%, queues for essential foodstuffs, medicines and other basic goods grow longer every day, civil servants have been reduced to working two days a week and electricity is now intermittent. All of the woes of the country have been blamed on an economic blockade by America and its allies along with local private businesses according to the president.

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