Majority leader nominated PM


The majority party leader, Zoran Janković, of Zoran Janković List – Positive Slovenija, a new party formed just before the election, has been nominated by President Danilo Turk to be Slovenia’s new prime minister.

Zoran Janković has been named despite not being able to form a majority government after the 4th December 2011 general election. His party has 28 of the 90 seats in the National Assembly and he has gained the support of the outgoing prime minister Borut Pahor and his Social Democrat Party (SD) with their ten seats. However this does not give him the 46 seats needed to form a majority.

It had been hoped that the other new party, Citizen’s alliance of Gregor Virant with eight seats, would join the government. However, Gregor Virant has refused to join the government unless it is formed into a broad ‘government of national unity’.

The president is hoping that the nomination of Zoran Janković to the parliament will force a breakthrough in negotiations.

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