Mexico City to get new airport


President Enrique Peña Nieto delivered his State of the Nation speech on Tuesday in which he announced a brand new airport for Mexico City. The new airport will be built about ten kilometres from the existing airport which has reached its capacity. The new airport will cost around 120 billion pesos to build and when completed will be one of the largest in the world handling 120 million passengers a year across six runways.

The president also announced a major extension of four of the lines of Mexico City’s transit system which will produce around 43.5 kilometres of extra line and cover nine million passengers.

The details of the new airport as published on the Mexican government website are as follows:

The new International Airport of Mexico City will provide a greatly expanded operation including:

• Located 10 kilometres from the existing airport, the most central and accessible option from Mexico City and the metropolitan area.
• It will have an extensive road network that provides connectivity with other areas.
• On the ground it will have 6 runways with capacity to serve the entire airport area demand and become the master node in Latin America.
• It is a long term project and the infrastructure will have sufficient capacity to handle the demands of the coming years.

In its first phase:

Three parallel runways operating simultaneously
Ability to handle more than 50 million passengers per year
410,000 operations per year
118 aircraft platforms

In its last phase:

• 6 runways with a simultaneous triple approach
• 120 million passengers a year
• 1,000,000 annual operations

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