Ministries reduced from sixteen to thirteen


Mongolia’s parliament has agreed to a restructuring of government which will reduce the number of ministries from 16 to 13. There will also be 11 regulatory agencies and 19 implementing agencies. The changes will come into force as soon as Parliament approves new Ministers.

Nearly two thirds of the MPs voted in favour of the changes which will see six ministries merged into three. They are:

1. The Ministries of Finance and Economic Development will be merged into the Ministry of Finance

2. The Ministries of Mining & Energy into the Ministry of Geology, Mining and Energy

3. The Ministries of Construction & Urban Development and Road & Transport into the Ministry of Infrastructure Development

The remaining ministries will be:

4. Environment and Green Development

5. Defense

6. Education and Science

7. Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation

8. Justice

9. Culture, Sport and Tourism

10. Labour

11. Population Development and Social Welfare

12. Industry and Agriculture

13. Health

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