Monsoon session opens with 44 bills tabled


The Indian Parliament’s Monsoon session opens today and will last until 30th August. There are 44 bills to be discussed and passed within a 16 day period. Although the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said that it does not want to interrupt this parliamentary session, if the budget session is anything to go by then the government will struggle to meet any of its targets.

Perhaps this is best demonstrated by the statement made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh upon the opening of parliament which is as follows:

“The Monsoon Session of Parliament is beginning today and it is my sincere hope and an appeal to all sections of the House to ensure that this session is truly productive of solid results. We have wasted lot of time in the previous two or three sessions and I hope that will not be repeated in this session. The Government on its part is willing to discuss every issue on the floor of the House and therefore, I appeal to the opposition to cooperate with the Government in smooth running of this Session, and to ensure that this session will be productive as well as constructive.”

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