Monti aims for growth


In an interview on state television on Sunday Prime Minister Mario Monti has said that the time is right to go for growth and not more austerity measures.

The interim government headed by Monti with a team of technocrat ministers have put in place a liberalisation programme which will be introduced gradually each month over a wide range of sectors.

The prime minister has said that he wants to see more competition in order to achieve growth. He is quoted by Reuters as saying, “That involves reducing protection and the different ways industry sectors try to create advantages for those who are inside the fortress to the detriment of those who are outside.”

The Industry minister Corrado Passera has said that sectors will include gas and energy where they see wider opportunities for private companies, commerce and transport. They also intend to tackle the many professional guilds, from lawyers and notaries to pharmacists and taxi drivers.

Prime Minister Monti will see German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, later this week and British prime minister David Cameron later in the month; he has already had talks with the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

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