More anti government protests


Fresh street protests broke out in several cities in Argentina, including the capital, yesterday against government plans for a re-re-election process for the president and increasing restrictions on the purchase of US dollars.

Numbers vary as to the size of the protest, but most observers are saying that the size of the crowds surprised many politicians. A number of supporters of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner are trying to force a move to change the constitution to allow her to stand for a third term. Currently the constitution does not allow a president to serve more than two terms. The move seems to have incensed the middle classes especially and the street protests were very clear in their condemnation of any such idea. A change to the constitution would require a two thirds vote in parliament which currently supporters of the president don’t have.

The president was opening a new textile factory for Lacoste in San Juan province yesterday and the size of the protests were large enough to prompt her to say “they would not make me nervous. If we take everything that’s happened to us into account, I ask God not to give me any more suffering.”

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