More pressure applied to Assad


President Bashar al-Assad has found himself in deeper pressure over the past twenty-four hours.

The Arab League, after suspending Syria last Saturday, has now issued a further ultimatum saying that if the Syrian government does not comply with the 2nd November agreement within the next three days then economic sanctions will be applied.

Several days ago King Abdullah II of Jordan said that he believed it was now time for al-Assad to resign.

Yesterday the French government withdrew its Ambassador from Damascus.

Yesterday members of the Free Syria Army, made up of defecting troops from the regular Syrian army attacked military and intelligence sites including checkpoints on the outskirts of the capital.

For now the Syrian government has been protected in the United Nations Security Council by both Russia and China using their veto against all proposed resolutions. Both are significant trade and diplomatic partners of the Syrians and Russia has a Mediterranean naval base in Syria.

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