More protests despite violent crackdown


Despite several weeks of violent crackdowns involving troops and tanks across Syria, the protests continue. Yesterday, Friday 13th May, there were more protests, particularly in new suburbs of the capital Damascus. At least five suburbs were known to have held demonstrations yesterday along with the usual towns, including Daraa despite many hundreds of arrests and snipers killing people in the crowds.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reports that the Interior ministry has recorded 6,131 people who have turned themselves in to the police . After pledging not to repeat any act that might harm the security of the homeland and citizens they were allowed to go. The deadline for voluntarily going to the police to avoid ‘punishment and the legal consequences’ is 15th May.

The Minister of Information, Dr Adnan Mahmoud has said that there will be a comprehensive national dialogue in the days to come. Dr Mahmoud also said that that the government is currently implementing a comprehensive political, economic and social reform program in the interest of the people.

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