Muslim Brotherhood and seventeen others join forces


The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has agreed a joint approach with seventeen other parties on a common platform.

The groups have agreed to stand on a platform which includes ‘building a state of law based upon citizenship, equality and sovereignty of the people’. The main supporters of the move include the Wafd Party and Tagammu, both of which existed during the Mubarak times as small Islamic parties, and the newly formed Salafi Noor Party.

The parties have not yet agreed a unified list for the elections, but it was discussed at the meeting on Tuesday.

A large number of new parties are being formed in Egypt following the collapse of the Mubarak regime. The Muslim Brotherhood is having some difficulties keepings its people focussed on support for their Freedom and Justice Party.

One small group of younger Brotherhood members have formed a new party, the Hizb Al-Tayyar Al Masry, because they want their party to represent the youthful spirit of the uprising. Despite the Brotherhood saying that the new Freedom and Justice Party will be free to pursue its political course the youth members do not feel this is true and the evidence supports their view.

Another senior member, Dr Abdel Moneim Abou El-Fotouh, has announced that he will be standing for the presidency on a ticket that espouses a separation of religious beliefs from political rights.

The Muslim Brotherhood has said that its members do not have to join the Freedom and Justice Party but may not join other parties. This suggests that there is trouble ahead brewing within the Brotherhood.

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