National Dialogue has begun


The first meeting of the national dialogue took place on Tuesday with the second session taking place today. There will be three sessions a week, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and a spokesperson has said that they will continue for about two weeks and then reviewed to see if more are needed.

The dialogue is split into four groups of around 60 participants each to discuss four topic areas, political, economic, social and legal reforms.

The main opposition group, Al Wefaq, whose 18 MPs walked out of parliament earlier in the year are participating. Already they have expressed some concern with only 5 minutes allowed to each speaker and, according to them, the dialogue heavily packed with pro-government NGOs and agencies.

The final results of the dialogue will be handed to the King for his consideration. It is this approach that has condemned the talks in some opposition areas as a talking shop fit only for ‘chit chat’.

The government has established a National Dialogue website where you can follow the news coming out of the meetings. It is

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