Czech Republic

Nečas government down to a minority


The three party coalition government of Prime Minister Petr Nečas became a minority government yesterday after one of six backbenchers in Nečas’ Civic Democratic Party (ODS) resigned from the party.

Radim Fiala said that he could not support the tax increases which are being proposed by the government in order to meet a European Union requirement to cut the budget deficit to 3% of GDP next year.

The resignation leaves the government with 99 members in the 200 seat Chamber of Deputies. Prime Minister Nečas has made it clear that the vote on the tax increases will be linked to a confidence vote. Should the vote fail then he will be forced to resign as prime minister and the scheduled general election for 2014 would have to be brought forward; based upon local government results last week that would mean a win for the opposition Social Democrats.

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