New Cabinet announced


Prime Minister Naquib Mikati has named his new Cabinet after five months of negotiations. The Cabinet consists of 30 members and has 19 members of Hezbollah.

The Free Patriotic Movement of Michael Aoun holds the Justice, Telecommunications and Labour portfolios.

Mr Mikati became prime minister in January when the government of Saad Hariri was brought down.

Within hours of the announcement of the new Cabinet being made, Talal Arslan announced his resignation, calling Mr Mikati a liar. The resignation gives an indication as to the stability of the government and most analysts expect this government to be short lived.

The full list is below:

Name Sect Ministry
Najib Mikati Sunni Prime Minister
Samir Moukbel Greek Orthodox Deputy Prime Minister
Marwan Charbel Maronite Interior Minister
Adnan Mansour Shiite Foreign Minister
Mohammad Safadi Sunni Finance Minister
Fayez Ghosn Greek Orthodox Defense Minister
Shakib Qortbawi Maronite Justice Minister
Walid Daouk Sunni Information Minister
Nicolas Sahnawi Greek Orthodox Telecommunication Minister
Ali Hasan Khalil Shiite Health Minister
Jibran Bassil Maronite Energy Minister
Charbel Nahhas Greek Catholic Labor Minister
Ghazi Aridi Druze Works and Transportation Minister
Faisal Karami Sunni Youth and Sports Minister
Gaby Layyoun Greek Orthodox Culture Minister
Nazem al-Khoury Maronite Environment Minister
Alaaeddine Terro Sunni State Minister for Displaced People
Hussein Hajj Hassan Shiite Agriculture Minister
Nicolas Nahhas Greek Orthodox Economy Minister
Wael Bou Faour Druze Social Affairs Minister
Fadi Abboud Maronite Tourism Minister
Vrej Sabounjian Armenian Orthodox Industry Minister
Hassan Diab Sunni Education Minister
Salim Karam Maronite State Minister
Mohammad Fneish Shiite State Minister for Administrative Reform
Nicolas Fattoush Greek Catholic State Minister
Ahmad Karami Sunni State Minister
Panos Manjian Armenian Orthodox State Minister
Ali Qanso Shiite State Minister
Talal Arslan Druze State Minister
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