New land law to stop foreign speculators


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has told young farmers that in 2013 there will be changes to the country’s current land laws.

The Focus Information Agency reports that Orbán said “Those from the West should go over to Austria to try to buy land. They won’t be able to buy a single square metre there either.”

The Agency release continues “2013 will bring changes to Hungarian agriculture the likes of which haven’t occurred in 50-100 years,” he said. Legislation, now before parliament, will protect arable land from speculators and bankers and favour small and medium-sized landowners and farmers over larger ones.

The law will also recover “land stolen via suspect land purchase contracts,” Orbán said, adding that suspicious contracts would be examined and possibly cancelled.

He also urged Sándor Fazekas, minister for rural development, to continue to “take more state-owned land out of long-term lease contracts and into new ones”.

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