New motorway and housing plans for Greater Baku


Two announcements have been made in the last two days regarding the Greater Baku Regional Development Plan. One announcement covers the plan to build a motorway between two new ports in Sumgait (northern Baku) and Alat, south of Baku, a distance of around 100 kms. The second relates to the building of around 200,000 apartments in the Greater Baku area over the next few years.

The two announcements as published on the Azerbaijan Business Centre website are given below.

Motorway between Ports

“Baku, Fineko/ Plans on building of a new road North-South have been announced in Baku today within the framework of public hearings of development schemes of the region within the preparation of the Regional Development Program of Greater Baku.

Bakgosproekt Design Institute’s director Ilgar Ispatov informed in hearings that the RDPGB envisages building of a new highway to connect the two new ports – in the city of Sumgait and in Alat settlement.

“The new highway will also be a place of going through the lines of communication. The new highway will be a line of decentralization, which will enable to unload the central part of the city. Both international and domestic freight carriages will be implemented via this line,” Ispatov said.

He pointed out that 2 sub-central zones will also be formed within this work on decentralization.”

Housing Construction

“Baku, Fineko/ Phenomenal plans of housing construction in the metropolitan area have been unveiled today in Baku in public hearings on the scheme for development of the region within the preparation of the Regional Development Program of Greater Baku.

During hearings Bakgosproekt Design Institute’s director Ilgar Ispatov informed that in accord with the Plan it is expected construction of 10,000-15,000 apartments or 1.5 million sq. m of housing every year on the territory of Greater Baku,” Ispatov said.

According to Ispatov, at present the metropolitan area includes 47 million sq. m of housing. Given the fact that 18 sq. m of housing accounts for one person within the project, then there is a need for an additional 15 million sq. m of living space.

“If we consider that 25 sq. m will fall per capita in 2030, it is necessary to construct an additional 20 million sq. m of living space,” Ispatov said.”

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