New PM sworn in


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Haile-Mariam Dessalegn was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia yesterday. Education Minister Demeke Mokonnen was also sworn in as the new Deputy Prime Minister.

The key points of the prime ministers inaugural speech as outlined in the Ethiopian News Agency press release were as follows:

  • The new PM will follow collective leadership and mobilize public resources to address basic problems and challenge of the country in the years to come
  • He will intensify efforts to educate farmers in modern agriculture technologies and the expansion of basin development will continue to be a priority area to ensure sustainable agricultural development
  • Higher learning institutions and professional associations to play indispensable roles in policy research
  • He will execute the on-going housing and transport programmes and roads and railways construction as per the schedule
  • He will make the local trade system effective and reduce inflation
  • He said the government is ready to work closely with free civic, professional and other public organizations to further flourish the process of democratic order in the country
  • The government will foil any anti-peace movements here and abroad and the nation will remain a peaceful nation in the horn of Africa
  • He called on the public to intensify efforts to ensure sustainable development that would benefit the public at all levels.
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