New political party established


A new political party, the Justice and Development (Construction?) bloc was launched on Sunday. 

Opposition leaders were meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) who had previously come up with a roadmap for a peaceful transition.  The opposition has said that the roadmap is acceptable apart from one clause which allows immunity against prosecution for President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The new party is made up of former Saleh supporters, including ambassadors, tribal leaders, provincial governors and former ministers.  One of the main founders is Mohammed Abulahoum who is the leader of the second largest tribe in Yemen, the Bakeel tribe. 

The other main tribe in Yemen, the Hashed tribe has been part of the protests for weeks.  Those protests continued yesterday with protests in 15 provinces.  A general election was planned for later this month.  That has now been put on hold until the current unrest is resolved.

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