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Olympic Games brings financial boost hopes


The 2012 London Olympic Games will start in earnest tonight with a lavish opening ceremony which will be broadcast worldwide and involves around 12,000 actors.

Whilst the Games will be a showcase for the British as a whole, there has been an intricate organisation around the games designed to boost British industry and inward investment. Yesterday a Global Investment Conference was held with top business leaders present and throughout the games there are a series of meetings, conferences and forums designed to attract the estimated 4,000 world business leaders attending the games.

The Games themselves have cost around £9 billion, although much of the Olympic village will be converted into homes, shopping and offices after the games. Londoners have also benefitted from a £6 billion improvement in transport facilities.

The government estimates that inward investment will bring in an additional £13 billion from the games. That will include around £6 billion in FDI, £4 billion in British companies winning new contracts and about £2.5 billion from tourism.

The Games won’t just benefit the British. There are hundreds of other events taking place all over the Capital and the regions. African nations have clubbed together to create an African village in Kensington Gardens, many other countries have Olympic Houses or Olympic Pavilions where they are holding events, receptions and showcasing their country, food, culture and business opportunities.

As well as being a sporting event which brings nations together, the Olympic Games this year will also bring the worldwide business community together in a showcase of the best each country has to offer.

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